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Youngstown Treasure Hunt

If after reading most of the website, you would still need more information to book one of our treasure hunts, please read some of the details below. We have tried to provide as much information as possible without giving away what the treasure hunt is fully about, but there are those who may need some more information in order to make a decision.

More Details

Without giving away too many details about the treasure hunt, the bulk of the activities take place within the Mill Creek Park area in Youngstown, Ohio. Included as part of your ticket price will be tickets to tour a facility within the park, as well as, snacks and drinks at a local restaurant.

All participants will receive a vile of gold and a certificate stating they have solved the treasure hunt.

Due to the vastness of the park itself, there is driving involved during the tour. We ask that you follow all of the parks guidelines and you will need to sign a waiver at the beginning of the tour stating that you have been advised of the park regulations. The total driving distance during the treasure hunt is approximately 6 miles.

If you order extra items when you purchased your ticket, you will be given these at the end of the treasure hunt. We will not be sending them ahead of time with the information packet. When you receive the information packet, this is actually the beginning of the treasure hunt; so for us to include your products at that time would throw off the whole motif of the mystery.

As you drive through the park, there are a couple of areas that are a little tricky. Please do not worry about this, we will provide you maps during the treasure hunt to help you with your navigation. Although the speed limit through the park is 25 mph, it is recommended that each driver have a navigator to help with a couple of areas so that you don't go the wrong way or get off task, though this is not completely necessary.

If you ever get worried about solving the clues or being able to get to the next point, don't worry. Our staff is only but a phone call away and we will be providing you with contact information the day of your hunt. Please make sure that someone within your group has a charged cell phone with them. This is important for communication with our staff.

Through the use of provided clues and information you could solve the mystery and find the treasure...
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