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About the Hunt

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Here is where you (and your party) come in...

Jackie has used the documents and decoder that she found in John Young’s lost tin to solve almost all of the clues needed to locate the treasure; however, there is one missing piece needed to find the actual location of the gold that James Hillman had buried.

As an added issue to the situation, the Sheehy family has learned about this whole situation and they are in pursuit to get the original gold back that their ancestor paid Young since they feel that Sheehy was double crossed by John Young and they feel that the original payment should be returned to their family. This leaves a major problem for Jackie and she needs your help. If you are willing to help her retrieve the missing pieces to the puzzle, she is more than willing to share part of the treasure with you.

Like we mentioned before, there is an item needed to help solve the final location, but since she is being followed, she cannot go and get this item. She needs you to pick it up for her and bring it to another one of her operatives. Please remember that this treasure is worth almost a ½ billion dollars and there are several people watching her every move. In fact, she has found that her phone has been tapped, her cell phone has been compromised, her closest friends are turning out to just be greedy and care about the treasure more they care about her. She is afraid if she goes anywhere near the location to retrieve the next clue, someone would just take it from her, so she needs to be extremely careful with who she can trust and how she communicates with people.

This is why most of her directives will be encoded and separate pieces will be handled by multiple people who do not know each other.. The original package you receive from her will contain a tool that you can use to decode the messages she will leave you, unlocking the path you need to take to find her operative.

Through the use of provided clues and information you could solve the mystery and find the treasure...
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Do you know how Youngstown was formed and how John Young met James Hillman?
Find out more about the history and the treasure.


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