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Alicia and Christian Solve Young’s Town Treasure


Alicia and Christian came on out to help solve the Young's Town Treasure.    During an interview after the reveal we asked them some questions about their adventure.   One of their responses was they like the fact that they had to find the clues to move onto the next stage of the hunt and that ...

The Mizenko’s solved the Youngstown Treasure!


Mike and Lee Mizenko came out and took the Youngstown treasure challenge.  They were able to wind their way through the clues and get to the final objective without being followed.  Their reward was a portion of the gold and certificates stating that they solved the Youngstown treasure. We took a few extra moments ...

There is the Gold!


As we have mentioned on the main website, each participant that solves the treasure hunt will receive a portion of the gold, and here is a photograph of one of those portions.  These are 100% real gold flakes in 1/4” X 2” glass vials. If you want to purchase additional vials, we will eventually ...